Team Monotype Winter Premier V - Commencement

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With the Tour now officially done, i will do some shoutouts (even if people don't give a fuck potentially, deal with it):

Firstly i want to throw a big thanks to Dieu Amphibien and Fraolain for picking me up and giving me a chance. I was out of monotype for most of gen 9 and getting a chance to play and even be put in the lineup most weeks was a blast and i can't thank you two enough. Amphi especially like you sir have been a blast to interact with and every voicecall was memorably funny. I hope to work with you people again in the future and it was a great run.

Tarre25 clean Given i mainly played monotype so far i never got to interact with you two, but great players that genuinly made it fun to assist building and prepping for. remind me to never bring steel vs clean.

TomLeLego somehow every week you didn't play, after the first time you did play, we performed much worse. So somehow tomlelego mental edge? for sure the most unpredictable person in our team, what else can i say.

Ronman5 you got a bit unlucky, but it was fun to talk to you on the team server, hopefully next time we team up you have a bit more luck (i should give you some of mine). Hopefully atleast we get to team up again, it was genuinly fun when we had the chance to talk.

TheRealBigC even tho we have our disagreements and are both a bit stubborn, your help for the team was insane. Scouting and coming up with good ideas to prep for specific MU, active in almost every chat to prep and generally interacting with everyone as much aspossible.

Fogbound Lake THE WAVE! honestly actual legend behavior to just bring the same water team over and over again and it was insane to watch you play it out in even terrible MUs. I will probably not forget the 2 AM voicecall "it learns sludgewave btw" change that won the very next match, absolutely one of the highlights of the tour for me.

mind gaming EASILY the person i talked most with in all of this tour. I can't even actually say how great and fun i was to prep with you and i am incredibly thankful for the connections i got to built also thanks to you (and fog). I am looking forward to playing with (and maybe in the future against) you and your teams, you had the most incredible performance and nothing but respect to you for that.

With the team out of the way, i want to shoutout a few people that helped me during the tour and especially helped me handle my tour anxiety:

style.css the biggest shoutout first here. Style, you have basically by yourself made sure i am able to participate here. Getting me to play NDM to begin with, giving me teams, helping me built, giving me teams when i was sick during the week 6 7 and semis, easily the biggest helper for me and absolutely a great guy. Thank you so much for all the help and i would for sure not even have won like 2 games if not for you. You will get your revenge of the finals game on me, i am sure of it.

MichaelderBeste2 ja da ich nen shoutout bekommen habe durch pure anwesenheit kriegst du hier sogar den shoutout auf deutsch, nächste MWP musste mit machen damit mind und fog mit dir dann die absolute memes bauen können!

I can't even shout out all of the others that helped me get back into monotype or mons in general but thanks to every single one of you great people i got to interact with during the tour, i loved the experience and i hope to team up with many of you in tours to come!


formerly bruised

Now that MWP is officially at an end I want to thank the following users for not only allowing me to help but to be drafted and show out for the NDM community;

roxie first and foremost I love you dearly thank you so much for drafting me and letting me enjoy one of the few first team tournaments. I hope to be drafted with you again!

twinkay Thank you as well for being a supporter and lifting up the spirits of everyone onboard! <33

style.css Thank you for giving me teambuilding advice and helping me craft more for the meta during the tour!

schwipper thank you for being a friendly face and a newfound friend to me <3

FadedCharm thank you for lifting the spirits up and being one of the closest people I could tour aside!

And boomp611 thank you for always supporting me <3
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